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Brit & Co. is an exciting new startup committed to putting on corporate events that exude quality and class. When I first sat down with Brit & Co. it was clear that though they were young as a company, there was a very specific vision for their identity and what they wanted to convey to potential clients. Brit & Co.’s strength is organizing and handling your entire event–designing exactly how it will all play out from start to finish–as well as designing the venue space and coordinating colors, place settings, and everything in between. Brit & Co. events are modern and elegant with a touch of high-class traditional interior design. They made it clear that their target demographic consists mainly of corporations and business rather than individuals. It was important to ensure that their identity did not convey wedding planning and similar events. Being a Tulsa, OK startup, it was fitting that Brit & Co. was partial to the Art Deco art style, as it is featured throughout the city’s foundational architecture. It was my task to gather all of these elements and communicate them seamlessly through one logo design.

After several meetings (and many questions), I had enough to work with to begin my initial research. A quick peek into the event planning world yielded countless ambiguous logo designs, with the majority favoring a minimalistic approach to their identity. With Brit & Co. I wanted to break that mold, and create something that would stand out and actually convey a feeling more specific than modernity. Initially, we discussed using the ampersand as the central mark for Brit & Co., but I knew that I wanted to find a more unique and telling mark for the startup.

We also decided on branding the logo as “Brit & Co.” rather than “Brit & Company” for visual balance along with a slogan of “event planning + design”. The three words of the tagline provided my focus for my word association exercise in which I list all synonyms, connotations, and related words for each.


After discovering a few keywords that sparked vivid imagery (“Chandelier”, “Blueprint”, and “Sketch”), I was able to begin the concept sketch phase, honing in on a chandelier concept and exploring several variations of that. I also put together several concept sketches of an ampersand mark to determine if it would be a plausible solution. Still, the chandelier concept stood out as a much stronger icon, carrying more inherent information with it.


The digital design phase brought the concept into reality. I began with the typeface portion of the logo, listing every potential font option and each of its variations (title case, all-caps, italics, bold, etc.). I then eliminated the font options that did not suit the style we wanted to convey. I also tested possible options for readability, scalability, and shape aesthetics on a reverse block typeset.

After narrowing down the typeface options to only 6 potential candidates, I moved on to the chandelier mark and was able to incorporate the “blueprint” element into the left side of the mark, demonstrating how Brit & Co. will take your event from concept to completion. To avoid being roped in with Wedding Planning businesses, I wanted to sidestep the “thin elegant” designs of other chandelier designs and opted for a simplified bulkier overall look. This also allowed me to “wireframe” the design without losing important details at a smaller scale.

The end product successfully communicates everything that Brit & Co. is and aspires to be: high-class event planning + design, hand-crafted with personal attention to each detail from concept to completion.

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