My Process

When I design your brand…

design-iconI’ll spend a lot of time talking to you about your organization. I want to feel part of what you’re doing and see your vision. I’ll ask you a minimum of one-zillion questions (or until I feel like I understand your organization’s personality).

Then, I’ll go to the drawing board (quite literally) and spend an inordinate amount of time drawing out logo concepts and ideas, finding color schemes, and selecting fonts. Hundreds of thumbnails later, I’ll select the cream of the crop for your new logo and bootup my handy-dandy Macbook Pro + Adobe Illustrator to begin sculpting the best concepts.

From these, I will select one (and only one) winner, clean it up, pin a blue ribbon to its chest, and then animate it. I’ll then put together a short video explaining each corner, color, and cutout of your new logo and how it applies to your vision.

A branding package includes:

  • logo and logo animation
  • color scheme
  • header, subheader, and body font selections

When I develop your website…


I’ll meet with you to discover what your goals are for your new website and how you plan to use it. I’ll take a lot of notes as I determine all of the items/features included and map out a timeline with you with a target launch date.

Those notes will be my guide as I put together a home page mockup design and begin laying the groundwork for the new site. I’ll set up your domain name and hosting server (if you don’t have one), build a new database, and install WordPress on your domain.

Then I’ll set up a development environment for myself and begin the process of coding your custom template. This is the long-haul, and I’ll send you weekly updates with my progress. When the site is ready, weeks later, I’ll meet with you again and train you and any personnel on how to make changes to site content via WordPress.

Last, I’ll lock it down (security) and back it up (safety). With everything approved, I’ll publish the site to the world wide web. To wrap it all up I’ll boost your site’s search engine optimization, just for good measure.