Facebook Video Interface

The Facebook video interface is severely flawed, although I believe the solution to be simple. The flaw lies in the fact that when a user pauses the video the entire interface itself disappears and there is no way to regain access to said interface without resuming the video. The interface includes the play/pause button (obviously), progress bar and the volume control/mute.

What does this mean?

It means that when a video begins to auto-play (on mute, thankfully), I cannot pause said video and unmute/adjust the volume before resuming the video. This also means that I cannot pause said video and move the progress marker back to the beginning of the video and resume playing at my liesure.

Essentially this forces the user to make adjustments on a moving target and this is not a good user experience.

Frankly, I cannot understand how this decision was made because it had to have been a conscious and calculated decision… one that actually had thought behind it. What that thought was is beyond me. This is the sort of thing that does not come about by default, as it is more likely that the opposite is the default.

Why not follow YouTube’s example? With their latest update, YouTube definitively showcases the most user-friendly video player interfaces (and it’s gorgeous too). What happens when you pause a YouTube video (in any setting)? All of the same controls are available to you. In fact the controls only disappear when the video is playing and your mouse isn’t active in the player window. This simply makes sense.

Yes, I’m nitpicking about something that ultimately has little effect on the success of the platform, but it is endlessly frustrating for me and I’m positive that small tweak in the code could resolve the issue entirely. It’s just as easy to do it right as it is to do it wrong. Do us all a favor, Facebook.

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